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Mortgage lending has a reputation of being highly complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. Get down to the facts by exploring our frequently asked questions.

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What risk is mitigated when a partnership with Windsor is secured?

Navigating the elevated liability of compliance can seem both a daunting and an overwhelming task, so let us carry the burden. We will handle all compliance and liability. In the ever changing world of mortgage lending, we take all risk of disclosing so you don’t have worry.

What does the profit module look like?

We can customize a profit module to fit your market and institution’s needs.

How will the software and technology integrate with our bank’s current core system?

With a simple Fannie Mae 3.2 download, your files will upload to our system seamlessly.

Explain the technological aspect of the partnership.

You will have access to an internal, cloud-based mortgage platform. Encompass is an all-in-one product that guarantees compliance, quality, and efficiency throughout the loan process. You will have instant access to the data in Encompass once your account has been set up and activated. This will allow you to see documents in virtually real time once they are uploaded, keeping loan process moving in the right direction efficiently and electronically.

What depth of training is provided upon sign-on?

We have a dedicated staff that will train your employees and offer continuous coaching and on-going marketing assistance. Our experts have years of hard-learned lessons that they will share with your team as well as tips on software usage and best practices. We will also provide your team with ongoing training and a tailor-made coaching plan to suit your needs and help achieve your goals.

What type of communication should I expect if the market changes or a new regulation comes in to play?

Our compliance department and software keep our team updated to the ever changing market. This allows us to stay ahead of the changes, educate our employees, and devise a plan on how to best relay this to our customers.

What does the structure of the team working with my institution look like?

We have a dedicated staff of loan partners that will be assigned to your institution from day one. These partners will continue with your institution for all loans.